Bio-fermented Turmeric & Ginger Salt

Our salt is designed to be a gourmet treat and with the highest possible benefit to your health. We start by fermenting the superfoods of ginger and turmeric and then storing this in pristine New Zealand sea salt. We know that ginger contains natural chemicals which relax the intestinal track and help improve the blood flow of the body. As a result it has the reputation of being a  remedy for stomach complaints, nausea and inflammation.  Combined with turmeric, another anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant nutrient, our bio-fermented Ginger and Turmeric salt is a delicious addition to your food with natural healing properties.   


Contents: Organic sea Salt (84%), EMX Rejuvenating Sea Salt (min. 2%), bio-fermented organic Turmeric (min 7%), bio-fermented organic Ginger (min. 7%).


Available in two size  : 220g for $20 and 440 g for $35


Serving suggestions sprinkled on hors-d'oeuvres, in smoothies, salads, cheese making, bread making and to replace salt in cooking.


"I  bought the sea salt with EMX and bio fermented turmeric in it. It adds a wonderful dimension to my cooking plus I decided to experiment with taking a few grains under the tongue before bed which seems to help me sleep better
Thank you D'Hondt & sons for your great products! " Marianne E


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