Bio-fermented Basil Pesto

The herbs and garlic have been grown with Biogenic Manna™, using Natural Farming Techniques. The aim is to grow dense, nutritious food with high levels of minerals, complex sugars and vitamins. The fermentation process enhances the bio-availability of these co-enzymes. The lactic acid producing bacteria provide us with beneficial flora for a healthy digestive system.

Recommended daily use: 5 grams to ensure a consistent inoculation of health providing bacteria, cleaning the digestive system and boosting the immune system. Dilute in oil for pasta. Add to soups and stews, cheese, mayonnaise, salad dressing, fried rice, coconuts cream dishes....

All organic ingredients: basil, Italian parsley, garlic and NZ pumpkin seeds. Bio-activated with lactobacillus culture and Bio-fermented Turmeric and Spirulina Rejuvenating Sea Salt.


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