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Working with EM (Efficient Micro-organisms) for the last 10 years and trying to improve yield and nutrients in organic agriculture, I came to the conclusion that If there are no minerals in the soil, they won't be in food either. Without minerals, the risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes etc, increases.


At Bokashi Logic, we produce agriculture products, including our flagship Biogenic Manna™, which allows us to grow dense nutritious food that has a high mineral content of 12 brix and more. We also share our techniques and agriculture products through our consultancy.


We also specialize in using EM technology with the following:



Go ahead, try our products today, from the garden, to your dining table.



What is EM?

Effective Micro-Organisms is a combination of useful micro-organisms that exist freely in nature, brought together by an organic process.


EM consists of many different kinds of disease-suppressing micro-organisms working in synergy, yet each of which has a specific task. This mixture has been shown to improve the natural resistance of soil, plants, water, humans, and animals to disease.

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