Bio-fermented Turmeric & Ginger Salt

We use an unique bio- fermentation process to extract the active ingredients of the organic turmeric and ginger and combine it in quality New Zealand Organic Sea Salt. Curcumin is one of the numerous bio-active, micro nutriments enhanced by the bio-fermentation of our organic Turmeric. By combining it with organic Ginger, we extract even more curcumin. Recent preliminary results in animals show some effect of ginger of slowing or preventing tumour growth. Ginger is a free radical scavenger, anti-oxidant and thus inhibits lipid peroxidation. These attributes contribute greatly to it's known gastro protective effects.


Contents: Organic sea Salt (84%), EMX Rejuvenating Sea Salt (min. 2%), bio-fermented organic Turmeric (min 7%), bio-fermented organic Ginger (min. 7%).


Available in two size  : 220g for $20 and 440 g for $35


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