EM Technology

There is a commonly accepted link between human health and nutrition.  After spending years researching the use of bacteria and minerals in organic agriculture,  I came to the conclusion that if there are no minerals in the soil, then there won't be in food either. Deeply inspired by the work of Dr. Teruo Higa and the practices of natural farming, Bokashi Logic came from a wish to develop agricultural products and techniques that actively improve the nutritional quality of the soil. 

All of our products are created with the goal of generating health through good nutrition, from the soil up.


EM (Effective Microorganisms) technology consists of many different kinds of disease-suppressing micro-organisms working in synergy, yet each of which has a specific task. This mixture has been shown to;

  • improve the natural resistance of soil, plants, water, humans, and animals to disease.
  • improve soil structure. 
  • manage water and soil polluting bacteria, eg. in sewage systems and septic tanks.