Bokashi Logic Buckets System

The Bokashi Buckets System contains;

  •  2 sets of 2 buckets. 
  • 1 black space saver lid 
  • 1 white bucket lid.
  • 1 kg Bokashi Bran


Directions for use


Place a perforated bucket on top of a plain 15litre bucket.

Deposit your food scraps in the top bucket and then sprinkle a small handful of Bokashi bran over this. One Tbsp. of bokashi bran for 2 liters of organic scraps will usually suffice.

Cover the top bucket firmly with the space saver lid. This lid has a vacuum value and is able to create an anaerobic environment in the bucket.

Keep adding scraps and Bokashi Bran until the bucket is completely full. 

At this point, remove the liquid in the bottom bucket which can be diluted and used in the garden or in drains.  Change lids and place in a reasonably warm spot to begin fermentation. After two weeks this process should be complete.  During this time use the second bucket set.

Fermentation of the compost is apparent by the appearance of spots of white mold and fungus on the top of the bucket. The contents will smell sweet and sour.

This fermented compost can now be dug into the home garden.


  • 4 kg
  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 1-3 days1