Healing foods

D'Hondt and Sons is a small family business devoted to growing and crafting super foods in the sunny Nelson region.

Passionate about the relationship between health and nutritious food, we spent years researching the use of bacteria and minerals in organic agriculture and later transferred this knowledge into the food industry.

The result are nutraceuticals or medicinal foods which are delicious to eat!



"Our family adores your products!. We are never without your Turmeric salt or the Ginger and Turmeric honey (we even take them on holiday!). We use both mentioned products daily and we are pleased to be supporting our immune systems with delicious local products." Louise



Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food

The active ingredients of  foods such as turmeric, ginger, garlic and bee pollen are increasingly acknowledged for their anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory or anti- bacterial properties. Unfortunately for us, often these micro-nutrients are not readily absorbed into the human body.  Our unique bio-fermentation process is designed to help break down these substances, so when absorbed by the body they release their goodness quickly and efficiently.