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D'Hondt & Sons is a small family businesses, devoted to growing and crafting organic super foods in the fertile climate of the Nelson Tasman region.

Passionate about the relationship between health and nutrition, Michel spent years researching the use of bacteria and minerals in organic agriculture. He came to the conclusion that if there are no minerals in the soil, they won't be in food either. Fortunately, one thing that that most health professional agree on is that we need minerals and vitamins supplements to prevent disease.

Drawing on his experiences with EM Technology (Efficient Micro-organisms) and Bio Dynamic techniques, Michel created an unique fermentation process to extract  the active compounds, of super foods like turmeric, spirulina, bee pollen, basil, coriander, cinnamon and chilies. He calls this process bio-fermentation.

D'Hondt and Sons have developed a  whole range of fermented super foods for you to choose from and to enjoy the diverse health benefits.


Nutraceutical products

Nutraceutical means a  food or part of a food that  provides medicinal or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease. Our products are nutraceutical for the following reasons;

  • Our bio-fermentation process unlocks the health boosting micro nutrients contained in food and enables our bodies to fully absorb and utilize them. It enhances the bio-availability of the co-enzymes our bodies are hungry for and allows us to benefit from them.
  • Our products are high in antioxidants. which work by slowing or even preventing the harmful activity of ‘free radicals’ in our bodies. Free radicals are all around us everyday – pollution, cigarette smoke, sun exposure and even oxygen. These free radicals damage almost any cell and are responsible for a major part of the ageing process, as well as the beginnings of health problems like cancer and heart disease.
  • Our products contain Probiotics, often called "good" or "helpful" bacteria. Probiotics help keep your gut flora healthy and are a balance to the toxic bacteria often produced with a modern processed food diet. There are many benefits of probiotics, including;  the strengthening of the immune system; skin health; improved resistance to allergens; the reduction of flatulence and bloating; the protection of DNA; maintaining a balanced gut environment in subjects receiving antibiotic treatment.

 Our Products 


The D'Hondt and Sons bio-fermented bee pollen is one of the most powerful natural antioxidant on Earth... That's quite a statement! In fact, pollen it is one of the most complex foods that exist and this contributes to it's antioxidant ability. After the Bio-fermentation process, the co-enzymes in the pollen become bio-available, making it even more antioxidant.


The D'Hondt and Sons bio-fermented Turmeric Salts and Honey contain curcumin in a bio-available form. Curcumin is the active compound of the Turmeric and is a renowned for it's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Our bio-fermented food makes life better, from the inside out.





Some of our Favorites

Bio-Fermented Turmeric Sea Salt

Bio-Fermented Bee pollen and Turmeric Honey

Bio-Fermented Turmeric, Ginger and Cayenne chili pesto


Michel D'Hondt

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