Bokashi Logic Bran

The key ingredient in Bokashi Bran is EM or Effective Micro-Organisms. This  a combination of useful micro-organisms that exist freely in nature and were brought together in an organic process by Japanese Scientist Dr Teruo Higa in the 1980's. 

Wheat Bran and saw dust are inoculated with the EM bacteria and molasses to produce a stable material that is activated when it comes in contact with food scraps - such as in the anaerobic environment of your Bokashi Bucket.


Super Compost System


The active bacteria in the Bokashi Bran means that, as well as fruit and veggie scraps, it is ALSO possible to process meat, dairy, cooked foods, and diverse condiments in a Bokashi Bucket System. These items are generally not recommended for aerobic compost piles they smell and can attract pests. Bokashi is a food waste recycler’s dream!