Bio-fermented Apple & Pear Syrup
We prepare our syrup gently with a low heat reduction of ripe Nelson fruit to release high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This non-sucrose syrup tastes wonderfully decadent in baking and sauces, or simply spread on toast, pan ... (Read More)
$18.00 2
Bio-fermented Chilli Sauce
An unique bio-fermentation process is used by D'Hondt & Sons to preserve a cocktail of chilies, guaranteeing the highest antioxidant level possible. Added to this is the alkaline properties of our unique oak aged apple pears and blue berry c ... (Read More)
$20.00 2
Bio-fermented Crushed Garlic We are still sorting
"I wanted to create something simple and super potent and, Bio-fermented garlic is what I came up with. I love it's taste, texture and color. It has everything good from the garlic with a undeniable plus." Michel D'Hondt   It s ... (Read More)
$30.00 2