Natural Farming Techiques

"In 1936, Okada established an agricultural system originally called, "no fertilizer farming" or "Nature Farming". Offshoots such as the Sekai Kyusei Kyo, promoting ‘Kyusei nature farming’, and the Mokichi Okada Association formed after his death to continue promoting the work in Japan and South-East Asia.[7]


According to the International Nature Farming Research Center in Nagano, Japan, it is based on the theories that:

  • Fertilizers pollute the soil and weaken its power of production
  • Pest would breakout from the excessive use of fertilizers
  • The difference in disease incidence between resistant and susceptible plants is attributed to nutritional conditions inside the body.
  • Vegetables and fruits produced by nature farming taste better than those by chemical farming"

- Source Wikipedia. 



In the early 70ies the people who embraced it were amaze of how easy it was to do and achieved amazing results when EM (Efficient Micro-organisms) Technology was introduce in the process.

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