Livestock Immune Support Boosting

We provide a range of immune support boosting that are inspired by EM technology. You can buy Tonic, Bokashi feed, Silage inoculant and drench from us.



Animal Health Tonic

  • Our Tonic is made with raw honey Organic garlic and Jux Vinegar (apple and black current cider vinegar fermented with EM)

Available on order: 1l : $20, 3l : $54, 20l : $360.


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Bokashi Feed  

Our Bokashi feed is usually made with feed provided by farmers and fermented with EM1.
We can inoculate the Bokashi with additional mineral (ORMUS material or Biogenic Manna™) to support the immune system even further.
Very important for chicken farmers, pig farmers and fish farmer, in time 5% of dry intake suppresses the need for antibiotic in feed.
We provide dairy, beef and sheep farmer with inoculates for top quality silage.

Price on negotiation


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Drench with organic garlic and vinegar    

  • Our EM1 Vinegar is made with local apple and local blackcurrant which has the highest antioxidant level compared to all other blackcurrant produced in the world. During the fermentation process, honey is added to increase its mineral content. Organic garlic is added in the Jux vinegar and marinating for a minimum of six weeks.
  • A regular use (every 3 month) protects your goats, sheep, horses and calfs.


Limited quantities, make sure you order six weeks in advanced.  1l : $17, 3l : $45, 20l : $330 


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