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Our flagship product, Biogenic Manna™, will help you grow healthy dense nutritious.

What is Biogenic Manna™?

Biogenic Manna™ is The Ultimate Soil Amendment that provides soil (or other food growth mediums) with the biology and minerals needed to grow healthy dense nutritious food. It is a combination of EM1 and ORMUS.


What is ORMUS?

With the precipitation of sea water we can extract a substance known as magnesium milk. This contains Calcium, Magnesium and ORMUS or ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Mono atomic Elements). Patented by David Hudson, ORMEs is the word he uses to describe the rare earth minerals he stumbled upon and researched at great expense. ORMEs are said to contain 19 precious metals in  non-metallic form and is an ideal trace mineral supplement. The aim is to grow dense nutritious food with high brix level.


Biogenic Manna™ is available in 0.3 litre, 1 litre, 3 litres and 20 litres containers and is applied diluted to the growth medium and foliar feed.


Dilution rates are parts water to Biogenic Manna

  • 1/1000 - regular maintenance for soil in gardens and orchards.
  • 1/500 - to combat problems such as pests, blights and fungus.
  • 1/100 - for first uses, especially to break down large amounts of organic matter. Water and composting treatment as well.

It is better to apply more often with high dilution rate than less with low dilution.The minimum application is four time per life cycles (emerging, buds, fruit, post harvest).


Available per: 

  • 333cc : $5
  • 1L : $12
  • 3L : $33
  • 20L :$200

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What is EM?

Effective Micro-Organisms is a combination of useful micro-organisms that exist freely in nature, brought together by an organic process.


EM consists of many different kinds of disease-suppressing micro-organisms working in synergy, yet each of which has a specific task. This mixture has been shown to improve the natural resistance of soil, plants, water, humans, and animals to disease.


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