D'Hondt and Sons and Bokashi Logic


D'Hondt and Sons and Bokashi Logic started as small family businesses a few years ago in Moutere, Nelson, New Zealand.


Passionate about the relationship between health and dense nutritious food, Michel D'Hondt has spent years researching the use of bacteria and minerals in three main fields, organic agriculture, nutrition and health.


In 2005, Michel undertook training in Efficient Micro-organisms in Saraburri International Training Center, Thailand. In 2008 he complimented this work with a Certificate for Bio-dynamic Agriculture in Taruna College of Education, New Zealand. In 2010 he completed, training in Micro-nutrition through the Doctor Rath Foundation for Health in Belgium.  

Over many years Michel has developed agricultural techniques suited to a ever changing environment for the production of dense nutritious food. He makes his agricultural products and condiments available for the general public through this website and different Markets in the Tasman region. (Nelson on the Saturday and Motueka on the Sunday). He welcomes proposals for selling his products in exclusive shops in NZ and around the world.